Pokemon Go Locations- An Overview

The game revolves around a central character who is a boy or a girl. This is the silent protagonist hailing from New Bark Town. It follows the story of the character as he or she strives to learn Pokemon battling techniques and become the best trainer. The whole story acts out in the fictional Johto region, a land that boasts of three towns and seven cities. The region is filled with numerous geographical locations and different routes, some of which require special abilities or the acquisition of special items to in order to be accessed by the player.Get Redirected Here at pokemon go locations

Pokemon Gold is a third person perspective play where the players navigate the central character around Johto. The player has a choice of starter characters like Chikorita, Totodile and Cyndaquail. The fictional universe is exciting and filled with different Pokemon species ready to battle. The terrains range from grassy fields to forest, seas and caves and transform to battle scenes that are appropriately turn-based to make the game more interesting

Gold Pokemon ChartThere are two hundred and fifty one different creatures that have to be obtained in the game. This is done by different methods such as capturing, evolving the creatures and using old fashioned trading of creatures in order to complete the Pokedex. This builds up to the main character becoming the new champion. There are several battles to be fought however before the new champion is crowned.

Pokemon can be effectively raised and developed through fighting with other Pokemon. The player thus accumulates experience points and can level up. The status of the Pokemon is paramount to physical properties of the game. It determines the statistics acquired and the number and complexity of moves learned. The main character has to battle eight Gym leaders, the Elite Four and the current champion before he or she can claim to be the new champion.

Afterwards, the battle scene heads to the fighting of Red. The player has to keep on the look out for enemies and criminals intent on abusing the different types of Pokemon. The player has to have the upper hand where rivals are concerned in order to come out victorious. Thus, the storyline becomes very important in executing the game and proceeding in battle to become the new champion.