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When looking for used scissor lifts, buyers can be sure of a professional service and a wide choice of affordable options at C and G Platforms, specialists in the supply of used scissor lifts and a number of other devices for working at height. C and G Platforms stock a huge variety of used scissor lifts, and with many options just a few years old, used scissor lifts buyers can be sure that even though they are buying second hand, their used scissor lifts device will work just as well as a brand new option. At C and G Platforms, used scissor lifts buyers can choose from a range of devices for a variety of budgets, including some options which are less than £3,000.Get Redirected Here at Scissor Lifts

One of the best value used scissor lifts buys from the firm is the UpRight SL26 which has a great working height of 10 metres. This bi energy used scissor lifts option was first manufactured back in 1997 and is a fantastic basic used scissor lifts buy for a range of jobs. For those looking for a more recent used scissor lifts device, the JLG 1930ES lift is a value for money buy which still boasts a great working height of 5.72 metres.

The lift is powered by electricity, which could be more convenient choice for certain used scissor lifts buyers. For a combination of good working height and value for money, the SkyJack 8831 is a great choice. This used scissor lifts choice allows users to benefit from a working height of an impressive 11.3 metres but its low price – £4250 – makes it a cost effective selection. Used scissor lifts are a staple part of the operations of many companies who work at height and by choosing used scissor lifts from C and G Platforms, buyers can be sure of a professional service from used scissor lifts experts who have a wealth of experience. Those unsure about the type of used scissor lifts they should buy can ask one of the used scissor lifts experts at C and G Platforms, who will be more than happy to help them out with their device decision.