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More and more people are joining the population of content writers for websites. The lucre and lure of the profession – both monetary and creative – is becoming too difficult to resist. I know of people who have extremely successful businesses of their own and they still write freelance articles just for the added dollar income they get. And if you are with the right employer, there is every chance your day job income would pale in comparison to what you would get from writing over the internet. But is writing on the internet all that easy? If you know all the aspects of internet writing, you will arrive at a strongly negative answer. Not just anyone can write content over the net. This field requires some specific talents and has some specific limitations within the ambit of which the writer has to work. This article tries to explain the various restrictions that article writers for websites need to learn to respect:-Read Here

The article must be keyword specific – Every article that you write on the internet is written with the objective of bringing traffic to the website. For that reason, it is necessary to write the article using the particular set of words which searchers use in search engines like Google. These words – known as keywords – must be used several times in an article to optimize it for search engines. If this is not done, the article would not show up in the search results and would remain unread, i.e. create no traffic for the website at all. Sometimes using the keyword becomes too cumbersome. If the keyword is something like ‘making the rich people pay taxes’, it is very awkward to use it more than once in the article. But, being a content writer, you have to find ingenious ways to incorporate it into your article.

The article must adhere to a word count – The typical word count used by most websites is 400 to 600 words. Within this much measure, you must write about the topic, and sometimes even put your own opinions into the article. Sometimes, the information available on a particular keyword is so less that it may not fill in 250 words; while sometimes there is so much information that it would fill ten articles. Both ways, the content writer faces a problem. Either they have to pump up the word count by adding unnecessary sentences, or they have to make a precis of a cartload of information.

The article must be written in a specific tone and language – The content writer is not at liberty to use any favored kind of language. The language of the internet is very stark, and stuck on facts. The language must be simple enough for a layman to understand. Sometimes, the language used needs to be as plain as it were to be used for a baby. This becomes difficult when writing articles filled with technical information. But ingenious content writers do manage to write grossly scientific articles from a common man’s point of view.
Writing anything was never easy, but writing content for websites is something that is too different. It has its own set of rules, and the article writers for websites need to put up with them. Add to all this, there are deadlines to work against. Since websites need to be updated periodically, and they are all working against stiff competition, the brunt falls on the writers. They need to provide good quality content within an unrealistic amount of time. Most website owners want their writers to do creative work in the shortest time possible.