Importance of Adobe Illustrator in Graphic Design

Graphic designers work on different software and one of them is Adobe Illustrator. Adobe Illustrator is a popular application used for designing. It is a vector graphics editor which allows to create and edit vector graphic images. Designs can be created with small file sizes which can be printed in high quality. Creating and editing objects is a simple process with Adobe Illustrator. It is recommended for every graphic designer.Simply go Viral and Click Site of Adobe Illustrator.

We have listed down some of the points below to understand the importance of Adobe Illustrator in Graphic Design:

1. Creating Logos
Adobe Illustrator is best suited for making logos. Pen tool can be used for creating shapes for the logo. Using great color combination one can create a beautiful identity for the company.

2. Making Illustrations
Attractive cartoon characters used as mascots for branding or comics can be created in Illustrator. Using flat colors for the cartoon is advisable and add some shading can be done using gradient tool.

3. Creating Icons
With Adobe Illustrator’s powerful grid system, one can easily draw icon graphics with the help of using different shapes. One can simply fit circles, squares, rectangles and other shapes into a grid. It is very easy to color them and arrange using tools in Illustrator.

4. Drawing Maps
Maps are important to showing a certain location is. It is very important for travelers who would need the support of right directions. In Illustrator, maps can be created using the line and pen tool to draw lines and shapes.

5. Making Infographics
Infographics show statistics and figures that are published in newspapers, magazines, posters and websites. These can be created in Illustrator. Graph and pie charts can be created by entering data and figures.